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(These comments are a summary of my experience of the series, written as I saw it - Gordon)

Round 1 - April 9th 2000
...By the end of lap one, Tanko's Shell car is filling my mirrors. We arrive at top corner once more, I turn in, look to the inside of the corner on my right and see the Shell car - full lock on and wheels locked up - heading directly to my driver's side door. I turn left onto the slippery stuff to avoid being t-boned and he passes me on the inside. Nice one Tanko... (MORE)

Round 2 - May 28th 2000
. ..By now, the left-rear of the car is feeling decidedly awful. By top corner I realise that the tyre is flat, but there are only three laps to go, so I press on. The car is wild. Massive oversteer (back-end slides) on every righthander (there are four of them each lap) and the revs won't come up as fast, not even allowing me to get to fourth gear... (MORE)

Round 3 - July 2nd 2000
...As we head towards the start line side by side, I suddenly feel the car rock. Gary has decided that I should not pass him and has turned into me. I cannot believe it. All along in this series I've been telling all who would listen that racing involves technique, not brute force. Now here I was using the very techniques I had extolled and this character drives into me to try to stop me from passing on a straight piece of road... (MORE)

Round 4 - August 20th 2000
...As we head down the straight, something strange is happening with the group of cars ahead of me. I see what appears to be Ravi and David having a dueling match in the middle of a bunch of others. They bang into one another and Ravi goes off onto the grass on the left, then comes back into David. Cars are at very strange angles for a straightaway... (MORE)

Round 5 - September 24th 2000
...Two or three times heading up to top corner I have to float the gas to avoid running into him. We go into top, Da Costa Jones, the lefthander and enter the following righthander two abreast in very close company, spray flying every which way. I back off and tap the brakes to avoid running into Jason who himself has had to avoid the same as cars ahead struggle for room... (MORE)

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