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Driver Profile: Gordon Gonsalves

Gordon Gonsalves


Trinidad & Tobago

Racing Experience:

Started racing in 1970. Competed over the next twelve years in Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica, driving various cars, ranging from sedans to single-seaters. Champion driver and "Man of the Meeting" at November 1977 Guyana International. Top winner at Jamaica 1979 Race of Champions. Took up karting in 1979 and was Trinidad's champion driver several times over the next six years, representing karting at the 1983 WITCO awards. Raced karts in Suriname, Curacao (1st overall in 1983 international ), Barbados and at the International Karting Federation Grandnationals in the US (retired after a bone-breaking accident). Rallied for a few years driving for the Neal & Massy Nissan team, winning the first ever TTRC special-stage high-speed rally held in Trinidad. Joined the Carib Beer 2000 Stock Car series to drive the Carib car after 18 years of retirement from racing.

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