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After two successful seasons in 2000 and 2001, Carib have again decided to back the 2002 Stock Car Series which kicks off at the T.T.A.S.A. (Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sports Association) International race meeting on 26th May. This is going to be a particularly interesting season for a number of reasons. First of all, Speed Promotions has sold the cars to the drivers who have formed themselves into a committee to steer the series forward. The primary objectives remain the same - inexpensive and highly-competitive racing with a focus on large fields of competitors. However some regulation changes have been made to make the cars both safer and faster as the category evolves.


Greg de Verteuil's Esso Tiger car - note the air dam below the bumper

On the safety side, the most significant change has been the requirement of full roll cages. Prior to this the cars carried simple roll bars ("half-cages"). Another safety requirement is an external battery isolator switch which can be accessed by marshalls and other track officials. Later in the year, driver-side window nets will be required. For 2002, engine modifications will remain external. The standard carburettor has been replaced by a downdraught 32/36 Weber and a 4-2-1 extractor manifold replaces the original manifold. Flywheels can be lightened and the final drive ratio can be changed. Other changes include alloy rims (up to 6" max width) and a ceiling price on tyres, which allows for directional tyres for the first time. Several other detail changes have been made all in the interest of making the cars "racier".

New requirement - external battery isolation switch

And racier they have become. Last weekend saw the the first few cars testing with these modifications and things are looking very good, with lap times approaching three seconds below the previous class record! Once everything is properly sorted the cars will be putting a foot in the door of some of the T.T.A.S.A. modified production times. Appearing with true NASCAR-style testing garb of plain paint jobs sans sponsor names, both the Nestle Vibe and Esso Tiger cars ran several laps. Alongside them Silbourne Clarke started preliminary tests on the formerly Sikkens car. Best time recorded was Greg de Verteuil's 53.11 in the Esso car. The fastest times recorded under the old regulations were in the 55-second range, so its quite reasonable to expect that times will drop into the 52-second bracket once the cars are sorted out.

Christian Hospedales' Nestle Vibe car

Simplified engine compartment with Weber and extractor

Driver/Car Lineup
So far, thirteen drivers are down to compete in 2002. Since the series is no longer under the Speed Promotions umbrella, anyone can get involved with their own B13, so long as the car complies with both the Stock Car and T.T.A.S.A. requirements and the driver goes through the process for acquiring a competition license.




Aslim Ali:


Presidential Insurance

Inshan Ali:

Blue Waters (to be confirmed)

Tanko Baboolal:


Shell Lubricants

Silbourne Clarke:



David Coelho:



Robin Debideen:


Harricrete (to be confirmed)

Greg de Verteuil:


Esso Tiger

James Fifi:



Gordon Gonsalves:



Christian Hospedales:


Nestle Vibe

Stuart Johnson:



Carlisle Khan:


Ismael Khan & Sons (to be confirmed)

Ajmal Mustapha:


Castrol GTX

As shown above, four cars remain without sponsors (so far) and three could not be confirmed at this writing. This is an opportunity for potential advertisers to get their product/company name on a car in what promises to be a series with growing spectator appeal. For those wishing to compete with their own cars, its a chance to get into a relatively inexpensive form of competitive circuit racing. Interested parties can contact any of the following Stock Car Committee members for further information:

James Fifi: 634-2020, 634-2112, 678-3970

Silbourne Clarke: 624-5751, 625-0607 Ext 148 or 133

Gordon Gonsalves: 622-9641, 684-4622

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